Carol Phares

System Director

Nadine Baumann

Administrative Assistant

Phyllis Gage 

Head of Technical Processing/ Network and Automations Administrator

Vicky Mitchell

Head of Circulation / Inter-library Loan (Poplarville)

Reneé Buford

Head of Circulation (Crosby)

Melissa Whitfield

Assistant Technical Processing / Circulation (Crosby)

Temecia Ellis


Denise Davis

Circulation / Assistant to Children’s Librarian (Crosby) / Branch Manager (Poplarville)

Ronnie Rawls

Circulation (Poplarville) /Social Networking

Chuck Mitchell

Circulation / Inter-library Loan (Crosby)

Julie Ridge

Circulation (Crosby) / Human Resources

Megan Miller

Circulation/Assistant to Children’s Librarian (Crosby) 

Tyler Wilbanks

Circulation (Crosby)

Donna Spiers

Circulation (Crosby)

Tommie Lee Simmons, Jr.

Custodian (Crosby)

Josh Mitchell

Custodian (Poplarville)

Susie Baxter

Page (Crosby)

Debbie Rainey

Page (Poplarville)