Carol Phares

System Director

Julie Ridge

Administrative Assistant

Phyllis Gage 

Head of Technical Processing / Network and Automations Administrator

Ronnie Rawls

Head of Circulation / Social Networking (Poplarville)

Reneé Buford

Head of Circulation (Crosby)

Melissa Whitfield

Assistant Technical Processing / Circulation (Crosby)

Kaitlyn Molinere Seal

Circulation (Crosby)

Denise Davis

Circulation / Poplarville Public Library Librarian / Inter-library Loan (Poplarville)

Angela Gatskie

Circulation (Poplarville) 

Chuck Mitchell

Circulation / Inter-library Loan (Crosby)

Donna Spiers

Circulation (Crosby)

Megan Miller

Circulation / Assistant to Children’s Librarian (Crosby) 

Noel Bourdeu

Circulation (Crosby)

Cliff Porter

Custodian (Crosby)

Hailey Spiers

Custodian (Poplarville)

Page (Crosby)

Page (Poplarville)