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Welcome to Pearl River County Library System’s Picayune Item Blog! Here, library staff highlights memorable articles and provides commentary for various Picayune Item articles throughout the years. Just use the navigation menu to the left of the webpage to cycle through blog posts by month and year.

July 2021 – December 2021

November 15, 2021

Hi everyone. I was reading yet another interesting article from March 1987 written by none other than Ann Landers. Growing up reading the Picayune Item, I thoroughly enjoyed her articles.  Her column provided an insight into people’s lives around the globe. The folk from Picayune talked about the articles and enjoyed reading them for many years.

Ann Landers, whose syndicated advice column made her perhaps the world’s most widely read writer, and certainly the best heeded. She answered questions about all kinds of things. She was a one of a kind in the advice column that Esther Lederer wrote. She wrote it under the name of Ann Landers. Her column was in about one thousand two hundred newspapers around the world, which included the Picayune Item. Her advice reached tens of millions of people every day.

What wonderful life well spent & enjoyed by millions!!!

Lanett Hawthorne
Microfilm/Digital Document Coordinator

October 11, 2021

Hello everyone, as I near the end of digitizing the year of 1986, I must say that the 1986 newspapers shared so many displays of great achievements throughout the year from a variety of venues. I came across this great article that I felt the need to share.  The location of this particle article was in the Picayune Item Sport Section, 14A, Sunday November 23, 1986 “Picayune South State Champs”. The deciding championship game played was the Picayune Maroon Tide verses the Moss Point Tigers. With this win, the Picayune Maroon Tide celebrated, while the Tigers were stunned. On that night, our football team displayed such defiance, strength, and  great sportsmanship like conduct, they became the South State Champs. Victory went to the home team.  What a great night it was for our home team!!!

Lanett Hawthorne
Microfilm/Digital Document Coordinator

September 13, 2021

Looking over so many activities that occurred at Friendship Park in 1986, I was amazed, under sports to name a few.

The Picayune Undefeated 1986 Tee Ball Championship

Picayune wins County Show Down

Picayune All Stars

Dixie Youth Champion Games

And…The First Annual Mr. & Mrs. Southern Sweetheart Pageant.

I’m not sure if there will ever be another Annual Mr. & Mrs. Southern Sweetheart Pageant but, there are future plans to revitalize and expand Friendship Park. With that effort, the memories and the history pages will continue to grow as young folk of Picayune continue to thrive in competitions and special activities.

Lanett Hawthorne
Microfilm/Digital Document Coordinator

August 10, 2021

On May 25, 1986, the following article was in Picayune Item.

“Don’t Miss Picayune’s Parade of Homes May 24-June 1st”

The article said beautiful homes were on display throughout the Picayune Area.

The opportunity was offered to visit these homes by the participating builders.

The hours of visitation were from noon till dusk each day.

The article stated if you were a newcomer or longtime resident, that was your chance to see a wide selection of quality homes for sale.

This event was sponsored by the Picayune Homebuilders Association.

This article was quite interesting and one of several pages concerning this event. A lot was discussed, how these showcase homes were chosen for display to the public, in an open and professional way. The Picayune Homeowners Association sponsored the event that included a list of contractors and maps for directions to the houses to be viewed. They also gave a lot of good information on buying a house, things that were important concerning the area and tips when choosing a contractor.

Gifts were even given to participants. This was an enlightening and fun filled time!
Lanett Hawthorne
Microfilm/Digital Document Coordinator

July 8, 2021

After looking over some of the fun activities that happened at the Margaret Read Crosby Memorial Library & Cultural Center in 1985, I ran across this story. The Friends of the Library presented a cooking book review of Ruth Law’s “Dim Sum” Cookbook on November 13, 1985. At 10:00 AM that morning in the Culture Room of the Library, two of the Friends’ Members demonstrated some of the recipes from the cookbook. The public was invited. I’m all but sure that they had a wonderful time. The Friends of the Library are always doing something to enhance & boost productivity of the Library.

Their outstanding efforts continue and are so much very appreciated to this day!

Lanett Hawthorne
Microfilm/Digital Document Coordinator


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