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Lamont Pearson, MLIS



Administrative Assistant

Julie Ridge



Head of Technical Processing / Network and Automations Administrator

Phyllis Gage



Circulation Manager (Crosby)

Kaitlyn Molinere Seal



Circulation Manager (Poplarville)

Angela Gatskie



Assistant Technical Processing / Circulation (Crosby)

Melissa Whitfield




Circulation (Crosby)

Rion Harvel



Youth Services Coordinator (Crosby)

Victoria Kingrey



Branch Manager  (Poplarville)

Denise Davis



Circulation (Poplarville)

Lana Albritton



Circulation (Poplarville)

Donna Spiers



Circulation (Crosby)

Susanna Baxter



Microfilm/Digital Document Coordinator (Crosby)

Lanett Hawthorne



Children’s Librarian (Crosby)

Megan Miller



Custodian (Crosby)

Cliff Porter



Custodian (Poplarville)

Amy Lewis



Page (Crosby)

Kayla Ridge



Page (Poplarville)

Anne Compliment

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