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Public Records Request

Public records are a fundamental tenet of democracy, as public records belong to the people who enabled their creation and use. Keeping and providing access to public records is an essential element of government, and this is even more important in public libraries as our mission as is to provide information to our patrons.

Public Records Request Policy

Pearl River County Library System (PRCLS) cannot provide records outside organizations like law enforcement.

As part of our commitment to open access and transparency, PRCLS strives to facilitate public access to information about library operations. One such way is through our provision of records as governed by Mississippi Public Records Act (Miss. Code Ann. §25-61-1, et seq.).

Under Miss. Code Ann. §25-61-1, et seq., a public record is “all books, records, papers, accounts, letters, maps, photographs, films, cards, tapes, recordings or reproductions thereof, and any other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, having been used, being in use, or prepared, possessed or retained for use in the conduct, transaction or performance of any business, transaction, work, duty or function of any public body, or required to be maintained by any public body.”


As per Miss. Code Ann. § 25-61-1 (2017) of the Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983, every person has the right to examine public records, except as otherwise provided by law. If your request is denied, specific reasons for the denial will be provided. We are authorized to charge fees for providing copies of records, pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. § 25-61-7 (2017).

Fee Schedule

Item Regular Fee Reduced Fee
Black and White Photocopies $0.25 per page (single sided)/$0.50 per page (double sided) $.05 per page (single sided)/$0.10 per page (double sided)
Color Photocopies $1 per page (single sided)/$2 per page (double sided) $.50 per page (single sided)/$1 per page (double sided)
Existing Electronic File(s) $0.25 per printed page of file $0.05 per printed page of file
CD/DVD/Flash Drive Cost of CD/DVD/Flash Drive Cost of CD/DVD/Flash Drive
CD/Disk Cost of CD/Disk Cost of CD/Disk Computer-generated report/map requiring data processing time, including redaction processing $25 per hour plus cost of CD/DVD/Flash Drive $5 per hour plus cost of CD/DVD/Flash Drive
Fax (20 page maximum) $1.00 per page (cover sheet and invoice free) $1.00 per page (cover sheet and invoice free)
Video/audio recording Cost of CD/DVD/ Flash Drive Cost of CD/DVD/ Flash Drive
Postage and Handling Actual cost Actual cost


Payment Methods and Authorization

Cash, check, or money order is accepted for all charges. Checks and money orders need to be made out to Pearl River County Library System. All payments must be made in advance. Failure to submit payment within 10 business days of request will require the submission of a new request.

Your Rights

  • Provide only as much information as is needed to fulfill your request.
  • Examine public records created and maintained by Pearl River County Library System.
  • Obtain a response within three (3) business days after your request is received.
  • Appeal a denial of your request. For more information on this process, consult the Records Request Appeal Form.
  • Apply for fee reductions/waivers.
  • View redacted and/or partial records if your request includes confidential records in which unfettered access may violate employee or patron privacy.
  • Receive thorough, timely request and appeal responses.
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